AIREX 900 Organo-modified polysiloxane- 100 %  It is used as deaerator for high viscosity 2 K solventborne systems
AIREX 922 Formulation based on deaerating polymers, silicone-free- 100%   It is used as deaerator for both solventborne and solvent-free epoxy systems.
AIREX 990 Formulation based on deaerating organic polymers, with tip of silicone - 100%  High effectiveness and good compatibility in regular solventborne and High Solids coatings.
AIREX 991 Formulation based on deaerating organic polymers, with tip of silicone - 100%  It shows strong foam cutting properties against both micro and macro foams for solvent-based and high solids systems. Especially suitable for spray applications.
AIREX 931-932 Solution of a fluorosilicone- 1% Universal use in solventborne formulations. Also highly effective
against macro-foam.
FOAMEX N Dimethyl polysiloxane- 100%  Very strong defoaming in solventborne and radiation-curing formulations.
DISPERS 670 Solution of a high molecular weight polymer-40 %  For resin-containing and resin-free organic, inorganic and carbon
black pigment dispersions. Very strong reduction of viscosity,
particularly with inorganic pigments.
DISPERS 652 Concentrate of a fatty acid derivative - 100% For waterborne and solventborne formulations. Reduces millbase
viscosity with inorganic pigments. Improves colorant acceptance.
Solvent- and APE-free. Based on sustainable raw materials.
DISPERS 673 High molecular weight polymer -100%  High performance wetting and dispersing additive for high jetness in combination with good color strength development. Suitable for
xylene containing formulations.FDA approved.
DISPERS 679 Solution of a high molecular weight polymer-  40% Widely applicable wetting and dispersing additive for solventborne
formulations. It shows very high color strength, especially with organic
pigments and carbon blacks. It is suitable also for inorganic pigments.
GLIDE 415 Polyether siloxane copolymer-15%  It is a highly compatible surface agent with excellent spreading and slip properties for solvent-based systems. It is suitable for floor-to-floor use.
GLIDE 450 Polyether siloxane copolymer-100%  Universally applicable with good anti-crater and slip effect.
GLIDE 410 Polyether siloxane copolymer- 100% Excellent slip and anti-crater effect on solventborne paint applications
GLIDE 496 Polyether siloxane copolymer- 100% Glide 496 provides outstanding slip and touch properties
without compromising recoatability and compatibility. It is highly
effective and can be used in a broad range of different coating and ink
WET 270 Polyether siloxane copolymer-100%  Excellent anti-crater effect with flow promotion in waterborne,
solventborne and radiation-curing formulations.
ADDID 900 Amino-functional alkoxysilane - 100%  Adhesion promoter waterborne and solventborne formulations for siliceous,oxidic,metallic and ceramic surfaces (glass,steel,etc)
HAMMER 501 Solution of polydimethylsiloxane-10%  Hammertone effect additive for waterborne and solventborne formulations
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