FOAMEX K3 Mineral oil defoamer with high efficiency for pigmented, high viscous
formulations. Silicone-free.
AIREX 902W It is a highly effective and compatible deaerator emulsion based on polyether siloxane technology.
DISPERS 750W-755W They are slightly anionic, polymeric high-performance wetting and dispersing additives for waterborne formulations. Suitable for all kinds of pigments
GLIDE 450-496 They are provides excellent flow and leveling combined with strong slip properties, recoatable and can be used in solvent and waterborne coatings.
WET 270 It shows excellent anti-crater properties with flow promotion in waterborne, solventborne and radiation-curing coatings.
ZETASPERSE 3800 It is a polymeric, slightly anionic wetting and dispersing additive for high-quality waterborne formulations. It is suitable for all kinds of pigments. ZETASPERSE 3800 outstandingly provides color strength with organic pigments and stabilization for inorganic pigments and carbon blacks
SURFYNOL 104 E It is a multi-functional surfactant that combinesdynamic wetting and molecular defoaming in waterbornecoatings and inks.
SURFYNOL 465 It is a good substrate wetting agent with very good solubility in aqueous systems. It is suitable for waterborne coatings and inks.
DYNOL 980 It is a siloxane-based superwetter providing exceptional substrate wetting and good flow and leveling in waterbornecoatings and inks.
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